martes, 21 de agosto de 2012

Little girl´s purse (form the pattern share by Sewspoiled)

9Well, as you can see I´m strarting to enjoy these new way of share my projects, so this is going to be a new goal that I reach,
My  new project is something I enjoy it but I can´t share it without telling everybody whose idea was, I got it from, she share us her pattern for a coin purse and I added something of my own style so for full instructions you can go there, but my twist for that is here,

well I sew all the scraps I got it, and there I draw the pattern and thats all, well I also made the two sides different and added a little ribbon so my cute baby girl can hold it in her shoulder

A little girl of one year old is going to be so happy!!!
And the pattern, nothing else to added just ENJOY IT!!!!

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